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'Spritz Me With Your Love' by Baroness x Sarah Baker - Digital Download

'Spritz Me With Your Love' by Baroness x Sarah Baker - Digital Download

  • Editors Notes

    The shockingly sensational, ruthlessly clever, BARONESS is back for Valentines, with her sensual new pop single Spritz Me with Your Love.


    Spritz Me with Your Love is the glittering soundtrack to the second instalment of BARONESS, a photographic storybook and film, penned and visualised by the multi-media artist Sarah Baker in collaboration with Versace.


    Set over six chapters, the book follows lead characters Angelina and The Baroness - played by Sarah Baker and Helena Christensen as they navigate tumultuous affairs. The story takes the tired femme fatale genre and gives it a fresh perspective: portraying support, empowerment and sisterhood.


    The song Spritz Me with Your Love is central to the book’s high drama, where everything is at stake—Angelina’s freedom, the loyalty of her daughter, and—worst of all—the royalties from her hit single, Spritz Me with Your Love.


    The songs astounding vocals are sang by Baker herself, co-written by musician and composer Jeremy Warmsley, whose solo career has spanned three albums, including the single Moment which is the soundtrack to the hit Netflix series Wanderlust. Warmsley’s work with wife Elizabeth Sankey as Summer Camp, released three albums.


    ‘Spritz Me with Your Love’ is this Valentines catchiest track.


    Jeremy Warmsley is a London based composer and musician. From 2005 to 2009 he worked as a solo artist, recording two albums for Transgressive Records and touring with Regina Spektor and The Shins. Since 2009 he has worked with his wife Elizabeth Sankey as Summer Camp, releasing three albums on the Moshi Moshi label. In 2014 he composed his first soundtrack, with Summer Camp, for Charlie Lyne's Beyond Clueless. In 2018, he released a new song, Moment, which was commissioned for the Netflix drama series Wanderlust. In 2019 he began his 'A Year' project, releasing a series of singles, one per month.


    Sarah Baker is a multimedia artist whose body of work spans performance, photography, film, theatre, and scent. Born in San Francisco, Baker spent her early years in Buffalo, New York before completing her BFA at The San Francisco Art Institute followed by her MFA at London’s Goldsmiths College. Baker’s provocative artworks explore the mystique of luxury products, celebrity and fashion, often casting herself as various archetypes from romantic novels, soap operas or celebrity culture.


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