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Pre-order Regards Coupables - The Complete Works

Pre-order Regards Coupables - The Complete Works

  • Editors Notes

    Baron is pleased to present the first retrospective book and ‘Complete Works’ of French artist Regards Coupables. The work is divided into two books, titled according to years; 2015-2019 and 2020-2023.


    With a distinctive, bold and signature style, Regards Coupables expresses a range of evocative gestures. To conceal is to feel, and arousal is often conjured up by what is hidden .. and when fantasy has to fill in the gaps. The combination of minimal design and explicit content makes the work visually powerful and tremendously appealing.


    However complex erotica can be in reality, Regards Coupables reduces it to its essence; an expression of love without prohibitions: “In my work the desire to love and to be loved can be found.”


    The first book of the series features illustrations such as daggers, snakes and femmes fatale. In later works, human bodies are more prominent. “The female subjects in the works are liberated and do not feel any taboos or shame. Orgasm through cunnilingus is often illustrated through these drawings, where we see women's bodies in domination over men's faces, taking charge over this very intimate act.”


    Whilst the illustrations show kissing, fucking and sucking, the work is not pornographic.


    Captivating a large audience on social media, with its suggestive creations, the drawings are often used as a means of expression; shared in private messages or through texts, for flirting, heating things up, or sharing ideas - in a way, a source of inspiration and elevation. A way to move away from the overflowing pornographic images on the internet.


    Challenging societal taboos, Regards Coupables invites viewers to embrace their sensual desires openly. The ‘Complete Works’ offers a continuous exploration of love and lust, sometimes with humour, often with passion and serves as an elegant way to spark conversations about desire.


    ‘The Complete Works’ by Regards Coupables also contains an essay by academic Pernilla Ellens, editor of Joyce Lee (2022), Namio Harukawa (Baron 2021) and Death Book lll (Baron 2022).


    Shipping June 2024

    Hardback book case with two books

    800 pages

    Size: 15.6 x 21.7 cm

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