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Moan Zine Issue 5

Moan Zine Issue 5

  • Editors Notes

    We are activists. A political statement. MOAN Zine explores eroticism, self-liberation, desires, sexual pleasures, and unique narratives from all over the world through a variety of creative outputs. An erotic platform that acts as a diary for as many people as possible - with a primary focus on women (cis and trans) and non-binary people. A safe space and a judgement free zone for experiences, fantasies, fetishes, and issues to be discussed through a women and non-binary perspective openly. A narrative not often explored in mainstream media. The publication is made up of 94 pages filled with honest and unique written submissions from all over the world, each exploring new fantasies and desires. Featuring new voices, experiences and conversation starters around safe sex, consent, and positivity.

    MOAN illustrations and featured photographers are a huge feature of the publication. Each zine is handcrafted. Our brand identity and creative direction hold the same motivations. Through handcrafting and developing a beautiful object, we are making a stance against this feeling taboo and shame. Instead, we are carefully and consciously designing, curating and producing to celebrate each individual featured within the zine. Issue Five, our newest issue, is Hot Foiled in Gunmetal Silver and Gloss Black on GF Smith ColorPlan Bitter Chocolate by RosePress. The inside pages are Risograph printed by Dizzy Ink in burgundy, flat gold, black and metallic silver on luxury cream paper.


    94 pgs, 18 × 13 cm, Softcover, 2024,

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