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Julie Verhoeven and Alan Faulds - I want your meat & cheese, blood & pie

Julie Verhoeven and Alan Faulds - I want your meat & cheese, blood & pie

  • Editors Notes

    'I want your meat & cheese, blood & pie' is a collaborative picture book from British artists, Julie Verhoeven and Alan Faulds, whose works - created in response to each other – are layered and collaged together in the publication.


    The two share a passion for pop culture, fashion, performance, the macabre and cheesy corn snacks. Their mutual friend, Laura Alridge, from KMAdotcom, a collective of artists with and without learning differences, proposed that Alan and Julie meet online, to see if they could inspire each other during lockdown.


    And they did. ‘’Meeting Alan and riffing off his work has had an immense effect on me and my artistic output’’, Verhoeven says. ‘’I have been re-energised to draw again and care less about the outcome, or how the work is perceived, but to simply enjoy the ride. Alan has a fearless energy and deft skill with the brush and pen. His impromptu performances are infectious and joyful, and this energy has affected my attitude to life and work no end’’, Verhoeven explains.


    Over the course of 18 months, Alan and Julie met online weekly, created work together, and developed a working partnership . Every week, the pair would prepare sources and inspirations on which they would both draw, and a playlist to which they would dance. In their sessions they would dress up,  apply make-up, then come together with their props. There was no clear-cut process of making work however: the duo worked intuitively, amusingly ‘’flying by the seat of our pants’’, as Verhoeven put it.


    This book is a way to formalise their work, but without structure. Drawings, collages  and photos of their guises are cut-up and combined on the pages. The publication consists of sketches and outcomes of their meetings, and reflects their developing relationship, documented by photographer Annie Collinge. ‘’Our work in response to each other and together is a riotous, flavoursome mix of fashion, horror and humour, with a cheesy top. We enjoy masquerading and moving to the music and trust that the creative outcome is honest, unfiltered and visceral’’, Verhoeven states.  


    Julie Verhoeven (1969) is a British artist who favours visuals and movement over dialogue as a direct means of communication and expression. Her formal training was in fashion design and she is primarily known for her work as a fashion illustrator in the noughties. Verhoeven has collaborated with brands including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Chloe, amongst others. Verhoeven regularly exhibits internationally and is a lecturer on the MA Fashion courses at Central Saint Martins, London. The Victoria & Albert Museum acquired a large archive of Verhoeven’s work for its permanent collection.


    Alan Faulds (1983 ) is a British artist and member of KMAdotcom. He holds a strong interest in performance, informed by his background in dance. His drawings, sculptures and performances are sometimes controlled, sometimes spontaneous, derived from a lifetime of engaging with and watching popular culture. His ink-on-paper drawings illustrate his energy, whether large-scale, using a brush mounted on a pole, or working tightly with a fine-pointed pen. His mark-making is full of expressive movement.


    ​​Artlink Edinburgh & the Lothians brings people together to explore possibilities, using art as a catalyst to spark new ideas and solutions, in response to the marginalisation of people within health and social care systems. As part of this, Kiss My Artist (KMAdotcom) is an artist’s studio based in Midlothian that includes artists with learning differences. Artists work together on individual and collaborative projects, creating new forms of self-expression and promoting beautifully innovative arts practices.



    Soft back

    First edition

    158 pages




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