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  • Editors Notes

    “Everything_2”, the 4-years-in-the-making sequel to Kenta Cobayashi’s Everything_1, which launched the Japanese photographer’s career towards international museums and galleries and into the hands of fashion brands like PUGMENT, dunhill and Louis Vuitton.

    Cobayashi has developed his unique visual aesthetic into an eclectic, colorful, expressive style that makes liberal use of digital manipulation techniques to glitch and alter his photographs. Cobayashi filters his impressions of metropolitan scenes and scenery, fashion and faces using technology, history and his own sensibility to create era-defining images, as he probes into the ability of photography (literally written as “copied reality” in Japanese) to depict truth.

    “Everything_2 has been printed using Kaleido® technology to ensures a closer RGB fidelity, even in the offset realm, showcasing the vibrant tonal range evident in Cobayashi’s work.” (from the publisher’s description)


    Published by Newfave, 80 pgs, 29.7 × 21 cm, Softcover, 2020,

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