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Anne Imhof

Anne Imhof

  • Editors Notes

    Anne Imhof (Gießen, Germany, 1978) is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative voices of her generation. Through her “durational performances”, she offers an unprecedented expression of the experience of the contemporary world in which physicality is increasingly mediated by digital communication.

    The new forms of alienation and detachment dictated by the massive spread of social media and its new related gestures can be considered an essential component in the artist’s work. Published on the occasion of the first exhibition in an Italian institution dedicated to her, the book presents paintings, sculptures, objects, architectural elements, drawings and a sound installation that is inspired by the form of the public concert, as well as a performance and some historical works of art. The central sculptural element is a long glass and steel wall that Imhof stages in order to define the space in an ambivalent way. Untitled (Glass Wall), 2019-2020, is an architectural and sculptural work comprising glass panels mounted on steel bases.


    Hardback268 pages, 167 Illustrations, unspecified

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