VAVA RIBEIRO , North Shore

VAVA RIBEIRO , North Shore

  •  North Shore is the first monograph by the Brazilian photographer and surfer, Vava Ribeiro.

    For the past three decades, Ribeiro has been travelling the world chasing the next picture and the next wave. This stand-alone book represents some of his most compelling images, centred on the place that gives the book its title: North Shore, often described as the surf capital of the world.

    Throughout the early 2000’s, Ribeiro spent a great deal of time in this remote part of Hawaii, living among the legendary surfers who have made their homes near its towering and treacherous waves. The pictures he made over these years reveal the hidden, dream-like side of the surfing life, far from the crowds of the public surf tour. This book juxtaposes Ribeiro’s haunting images of the Hawaiian landscape and seascape with his intimate portraits of fellow surfers and friends, including world champions John-John Florence and Kelly Slater. The total effect is immersive; Ribeiro’s North Shore is a particular kind of paradise, one where the barriers between life, surf, and art are blissfully dissolved.


    > 92 pgs


    > 31.5 × 28 cm


    > Hardcover

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