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Tilly Lawless: Nothing but my body

Tilly Lawless: Nothing but my body

  • Editors Notes

    Nothing But My Body is an eight-day journey through the mind of a young woman, a queer sex worker in Australia, as she navigates breakups and infatuation across just over a year.

    The unnamed narrator’s voice is both fierce and vulnerable, defiant and tender, as she explores the interplay between her external and internal world, and the fluctuations of her emotions as love affairs intensify and wane. Her loneliness is assuaged by her beloved chosen family-her friends-and by the beauty of the natural world.

    Set during the cataclysmic bushfire season of 2019 and into the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, sex work is the constant backdrop of the story as it moves between Sydney, Berlin, Orange and Bellingen. The beauty of the writing and the moving and deeply engaging sense of compassion that threads through this remarkable novel give true meaning to the concepts of inclusivity and community in surprising and original ways.

    This stunning, unflinching and lyrical debut is both a rejection of romantic love, a euphoric celebration of the queer community and a reckoning with the body as both abject and joyous.


    Worms Publishing works across form and genre to bring experimental writers to the literary topsoil. Working outside of conventional publishing, Worms endeavours to support and cultivate underrepresented voices with a focus on female and non-binary authors and artists.

    Nothing But My Body by Tilly Lawless is Worms’ first title. This fictionalised stream of consciousness, takes an unflinching look at sex work, queerness, class and mental health from the perspective of a Sydney-based sex worker over eight days.


    152 pgs, 22.8 × 15 cm, Softcover, 2022, 978-1-3999-3181-6

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