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Sico Carlier: Trois Pièces Faciles

Sico Carlier: Trois Pièces Faciles

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  • Editors Notes

    Trois Pièces Faciles (Three Easy Pieces) consists of three publications – Jack the Moment, The Fan and Aphrodite – in which Carlier meticulously repurposed a collection of found athletic and pornographic material first published between 1950–80. It is a meditation on changing social attitudes, in which the artist’s hand becomes a roving censor, isolating and emphasising details.

    Carlier repurposed material inherited from the archive of an acquaintance during a spell in 2020 when he lived in upstate New York, US. The dimensions of the US letter paper determined the measurements and, therefore, limitations of each page. Aphrodite contains a new essay by writer Paul Clinton situating Carlier’s work within a history of censorship and sexually transgressive queer artistic practices.

    ‘Sico Carlier’s three collaged volumes of vintage smut, queer ephemera and text fragments are a reminder that one can oppose censorship without evangelising about porn.’ – Paul Clinton

    Sico Carlier is an artist, editor and publisher based in Rotterdam. He is the founding editor of Currency.


    22 × 14 cm, Softcover, 2022, 978-1-7399874-0-4

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