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Paul Kooiker, Tokyo

Paul Kooiker, Tokyo

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    TOKYO by Paul Kooiker is a project originally initiated by G/P Gallery an invitation for Kooiker to partake in a residency in Tokyo. During Kooiker’s short residency in Tokyo, photo sessions with local female models took place. Later on, in the process of working on this series Kooiker downsized the image to a square format, shifting the focus to the model's bottom, while he kept labouring on and experimenting with this basic image in Photoshop. For Tokyo, Kooiker selected 106 images from several hundreds of images. The book presents the widest array of possible variations on a theme. Kooiker has travelled the dual track of image abstraction and obsessive repetition of a single digital cliché, thereby permitting himself ultimate freedom. The outcome has resulted in a high-spirited picture volume, devoid of any narrative editing, walking the line between art catalogue and artist's book.


    > Published by ArtBeat Publishers

    > 236 pgs

    >  21 × 28 cm

    > Softcover, 2017

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