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No Erotica issue 4

No Erotica issue 4

  • Editors Notes

    No Erotica 4 showcases an aggressively feminine take on sexuality, with a cover story by Bella Newman of Iris & Ella pierced and bound together with ribbon in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

    It also has the first published fiction by Red Scare host, Succession actress, and No Agency client Dasha Nekrasova, as well as a historic look at lesbian relations edited by The Drift's Krithika Varagur, and more. We've also profiled 6 artists we love whose art has erotic subjects or undertones- Emma Stern, Gabrielle Rosenstein, Chino Amobi, Jamieson Pearl, Rocky J, and Aurel Schmidt. No Erotica 4 was edited by Chloe Mackey, designed by Eden Taff, and published by No Agency New York in February 2024 as an edition of 500 for $81.


    76 pgs, 28 × 21.5 cm, Softcover, 2024,

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