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Miron Zownir - Walk through the fire

Miron Zownir - Walk through the fire

  • Editors Notes

    “Walk through the fire”: an expertly executed masterpiece of black and white street photography, with an essay by renowned The Guardian Journalist Chris Campion.

    In the latest book by the relentlessly creative “wild child” of street photography, Miron Zownir, published by Gomma Books, the viewer’s learned perceptions are challenged, as the scenery, the streets, and back alleys of our big and debaucherous metropolis, make stage for the eccentric and forgotten, to put on display the plethora of human existence, on the fringes of acceptance.

    Bold, raw, and unfiltered. Walk Through The Fire captures the eccentric and unrestrained street life of cities like LA, New York, London and Moscow. Depicting the daily struggles with addiction, violence, self-expression, and homelessness the subjects face, while confronted with the rough laws of the streets.

    With over five decades of photography, stretching beyond what society is comfortable with, and all around the Globe, Gomma has created an outstanding collection of Zownir’s view of life beyond the norms. Three continents, five decades, decadence and despair, rock bottom and self-proclaimed rock stars.

    These portraits captivate us immediately; infuriating, intriguing, humbling to say the least and impossible to retract from.


    Published by Gomma Books, 176 pgs, 29 × 21.5 cm, Hardback, 978-0-9574145-6-3

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