MATT EICH , The Seven Cities

MATT EICH , The Seven Cities

  • Conceived as a four-part book series, Matt Eich’s “The Seven Cities” is the 3rd volume in “The Invisible Yoke”, which takes an unflinching look at the people and places America seems to have forgotten.

    After Ohio (Vol. 1) and Mississippi (Vol. 2) Eich turns his focus to the state he calls home: Virginia.
    These pictures exist as the byproduct of his obsessive documentation of family and community over a fourteen-year period. What of this will be left in 20 years, in 50? It seems likely that copies of this book may outlast many of the homes depicted. Many neighborhoods along the shoreline experience flooding on a regular basis.There isn’t much use in fighting it.
    With an eye that conveys a skilled observer and someone versed in the regional makeup and local customs, Matt Eich documents the struggle of his home and community with dedication and tenderness.


    > Published by Sturm & Drang, 136 pgs, 29 × 23 cm, Hardcover, 2020, 978-3-906822-33-4

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