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Mandy El-Sayegh - Superimposition

Mandy El-Sayegh - Superimposition

  • Editors Notes

    Mandy El-Sayegh's artistic practice refers, among other things, to many years of research that permeates her work in its variety of forms and media - that of the body in its many facets: in society, in science, in eroticism, as a metaphor, as a pathology, as a recalcitrant object.The Malaysian-born artist is fascinated by the status and authority given to different bodies - not least manifested by their origin and the respective cultural and sociological inscriptions that go with it.Likewise, El-Sayegh views her individual artworks as bodies, each consisting of disparate fragments, with her task of always bringing them together into a coherent whole.In doing so, she draws her material from an extensive archive, an essential prerequisite for her space-related work, which is oriented towards numerous media such as sculpture, painting and performance.



    132 pages, 108 colour, 4 b/w

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