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Julie Joubert, Mido

Julie Joubert, Mido

  • Editors Notes

    I met Ahmed in 2017 at a social reintegration centre for young people in difficulty. Thanks to social media, we met up again two years later. Abbreviation, nickname, pseudonym: MIDO.

    Presenting differing identities over the course of his encounters, Ahmed wants to hide as much as he wants to be noticed. Throughout a chaotic life punctuated by painful elements, he has survived by dreaming of becoming a model. His great fragility, his self-destructive nature, as well as his ability to reveal himself, immediately convinced me of the need to follow him in his daily life for an unspecified period.

    [...] Like a fragmented mirror, these photographs paint a portrait of this young person in the making, constantly searching for himself in a society where he struggled to find his place. Released in July 2020, Ahmed was again incarcerated in Fresnes prison ten days after his release.

    — Julie Joubert


    Published by KAHL Editions, 104 pgs, 27 × 22 cm, Hardcover, 2021, 9780995761193

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