JOANNE CALLIS Cheap Thrills - signed copy

  • In her delicious contribution to our One Picture Book Two series, Jo Ann Callis presents 13 highly-charged photographs of suggestively anthropomorphic desserts from her series ‘Cheap Thrills: Forbidden Pleasures’.

    Created in the early 1990s, this body of work was among several that Callis created at the time exploring gender and sexuality. Since emerging in the late 1970s as one of the first important practitioners of the ‘fabricated photographs’ movement, Callis has used photography to render the sensual tones and textures of fabric and food, or to animate clay figures of her own making.

    > Hardcover, 210 mm x 153 mm

    > 16 pages, 13 four-color plates

    > 1 original signed photograph.

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