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Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama

  • Editors Notes

    SORAYAMA: A Grandmaster of technical and erotic phantasy without limits. The Japanese artist Sorayama lives in Tokyo. He is a global phenomenon and has the reputation of being an enfant terrible.

    His art is being shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Smithsonian Institute of Technology Museum. Washington DC, the World Erotic Art Museum, Miami and numerous exhibitions around the world. At last there is a new and considerably expanded edition of his COMPLETE MASTERWORKS in enhanced print quality and at a very reasonable price.

    This thick tome is a reference catalogue to Sorayamas rich work including a lot of new illustrations. Printed in high-density and best possible quality his MASTERWORKS sparkle with extraordinary talent, wondrous imagination and impeccable skill. Enjoy! - Sorayamas surreal and futuristic DADAIST images not only produce incredible sensations in the observer, but also blend into a unique homage to life.

    With joyful freedom he combines and morphs fear with happiness, pain with pleasure, repulsion with attraction, past with future, flesh with metal, the organic with ethereal. Stronger than any constraint, the energy of life and love that goes through his work is what I admire most in his amazingly perfect technique. Thierry Mugler 


    Hardback 480 pages

    1000+ colour illustrations

Complimentary shipping on UK orders over £50 > 

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