Extra Extra , Issue 15

Extra Extra , Issue 15

  • Extra Extra 15 sparks lustiness, even during times of distance. London based artist Saelia Aparicio, in conversation with Natasha Hoare, understands bodies in a way that is both amusing and socially liberating. On Berlin, watery erotics and the fiery hair of the contemporary nymph Undine, there’s filmmaker Christian Petzold. Animator Wong Ping speaks on new forms of digital connectivity at the height of Hong Kong’s lockdown, while photographer Alec Soth captures palpable chemistry between lovers. Enjoy a selection of erotic short stories on parks. Also, and new in this edition, is a one of a kind 16-page work by iconic graphic designer Karel Martens.

    Extra Extra is a take on the urban, connecting people through culture and eroticism. Its gorgeous biannual magazine guides you through the streets of the most sensual cities, where we encounter the daring creative minds of this moment. It is an array of intelligent, open and personal perspectives on citylife brought to you in a volume of 192 pages of pure sexiness.


    192 pgs, 24 × 17 cm, Softcover, 2020, 9772214058009

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