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  • Editors Notes

    Crotch is a magazine about escape of the hottest kind; we dream of taking our readers into a sun-soaked world, celebrating the power, magnetism, and sex appeal of some of the most beautiful, and hottest, men in the world.

    Where else to go, then, for this special issue, than the sunniest place we can imagine? Of all the hot locations around the world, California holds a special allure. It’s the place where jaw-droppingly gorgeous men head to find fame, fortune, romance, and sex – sometimes all at once.

    To capture all that, in all its Golden State glory, we’ve enlisted L.A. resident and renowned photographer Ramon Christian to shoot this entire issue of Crotch. Our thrilling California road trip took us from the public to the private, as we sexed up the tourist trail and caught the sunrise on the beach in Malibu. In these pages, we’ve created some Hollywood magic of our own, and caught our men in their most intimate moments yet. Welcome to Crotch, starry-eyed California-style.


    288 pgs, 21 × 16 cm, Softcover, 2023,

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