• The new Ditto publication features a body of work by British artist Craig Boagey. Boagey produces hyper-realistic drawings of confrontational images from across the media, from pornography to tragedies.

    Each of his drawings contains its own deep-seated historic and religious narrative, while aiming to confront the sociopolitical controversies of today. Taking cue from classical sculpture especially, Boagey’s pencil drawings are contemporary reworkings, challenging conceptions of what we consider good and evil. From a school shooting to homosexuals being hanged in Iran, Boagey questions how we view, absorb, and react to these incidents. It is especially significant in the current age, as technology evolves we are forever bombarded with news and imagery. How we process this content is a matter for the individual, and it is this processing of information which Boagey challenges in the viewer.


    > Published by Ditto Press, 30 pgs

    > 27.5 × 20 cm, Softcover, 2017

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