BJARNE MELGAARD , Baton Sinister

  • As part of 'Beyond Death', a graduate program led by Bjarne Melgaard at the Università IUAV, Venice, this publication compiles the multitude of visual and textual materials used in the course, as well as installation images from the exhibition Melgaard organized in collaboration with his students at the Palazzo Contarini Corfu. The course examined how AIDS has become a key lens through which to investigate some of the key transformations affecting the world today, especially in relation to identity formation, the use of violence and the possibility of collective action, while drawing on the work of theorists such as Guy Hocquenghen and Michel Foucault, artists such as David Wojnarowicz and William Copley. Also included in the book are variously manipulated stills and text excerpts from filmed interviews Melgaard conducted with leading queer theorist and co-lecturer Leo Bersani.


    > 176 pgs, 23 × 31 cm, Hardcover, Colour Offset, 2012, 9781938560002

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