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Baron by Tyrone Lebon

Baron by Tyrone Lebon

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    Baron by Tyrone Lebon is a photographic journey over a 12-month period, photographed by Tyrone Lebon and guest edited by Max Pearmain.

    A central theme for this issue has been to question the evolvement of sexuality in today's image sharing society. For example, the voyeur and exhibitionist were once used to describe those who spied or exhibited themselves to unsuspecting individuals, now it is increasingly used to define the audience and performers of reality projects. In our late post-modern age, sexual desires have been packaged, marketed, and are sold as adult entertainment. Baron's Second edition also includes a number of portraits of women who in one way or another have benefitted professionally from sexuality. From lingerie designer and erotic writer Britta Uschkamp, to musician and photographer Aza Shade and artist Daphne Greca, to erotic model Kit Hammonds, who wears a specially commissioned Baron motorcycle jacket by Lewis Leathers.

    Pink, stiff and exceptionally long, Baron No.2 is here.

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