Arcadia Britannica : A Modern British Folklore Portrait

Arcadia Britannica : A Modern British Folklore Portrait

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  • Folklore is a living cultural heritage. Folk beliefs, customs and expressions link the past to the present and help us understand our specific cultures, as wellas a shared humanity. Founded on pagan Celtic, Germanic and early Christian roots, British folklore, far from being a quaint anachronism, remains vibrant and relevant by adapting to new circumstances, with the `folk' (people), and the `lore' (stories) continually informing and influencing each other.

    There are many recorded folk events, rites and customs practised in the UK each year, with some events drawing crowds of thousands. Most involve dance, theatre, music and a fair amount of good-natured revelry. Henry Bourne's folklore portraits, shot in `the wild' at key events and festivals, take an affectionate look at the people from Morris dancers to practising witches and warlocks who shy away from a world increasingly disconnected from nature and those who actively celebrate a rich tradition that honours our connection with the seasons, the land and community.


    Hardback 192 pages, 125 Illustrations, color

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