• ‘Andrew Miksys, a seasoned traveler, ventures into this outcrop of Soviet iconography with the eye of a trickster, searching for signs of intimacy and memory in a land of grand delusions. In Belarus, Soviet-style celebrations and repressions are not things of the past. This makes picturing Belarus a tricky proposition, for the space between permissible and forbidden is very narrow. Framing this slivered landscape requires mastering the art of persuasion, and the ability to revive the personal within the frames of the official. Knowing this, Miksys builds his Belorussian itinerary as a conceptual manoeuvre, following the ideological formulas of mass celebrations of Soviet history in expectation of finding memories of the future. In the search for the space in between, he builds his itinerary as a conceptual sleight of hand, following the ideological formulas in expectation of finding the human landscape.'  - Laimonas Biedis, from photobook ‘Tulips’, 2016.


    > 164 pgs, 28.7 × 23.3 cm, Hardcover, 2016, 9780979069857

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