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Judging Criteria

  • A fully-developed concept, contextualised in your artist statement.

  • The construction of the book (format, design, sequencing) should have a rationale aligned with your concept and contextualised in your artist statement.


Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be previously unpublished, original work that is not published by a third party and be submitted as a PDF.

  • Submissions should consist of a clear book project and you may want to consider a written introduction inside your book, however, this is optional. Written introductions must be in English.

  • You should submit an artist statement in the application, contextualising the project, introducing your concept and lines of investigation. The artist statement should unpack how your book’s format, sequencing and design are aligned with your concept. Maximum 1000 words.

  • You must submit an artist bio. Maximum 500 words.

  • You should provide a technical spec. The technical spec will include size, page count, binding, cover paper, inside paper, end papers.


Submission Instructions

  • A submission form must be completed BELOW.

  • The submission form should include an artist statement. Maximum 1000 words.

  • The submission form should include an Artist Bio. Maximum 500 words.

  • The submission form will allow you to upload one low res book project, as a PDF. Maximum 15 MB. No maximum page count.

  • The submission form should include a technical spec about the book, which should include size of book, cover paper suggestion, inside paper suggestion, binding, page count.

  • Submission fee £20 which supports the prize and Baron's publishing.

  • Deadline extended November 30th 2021. Winner Announced December 2021.


Image Release For Winner

  • If you are chosen as the winner, the image maker shall retain all rights in and to the images including without limitation, the copyright thereof and the following:

  • All intellectual property rights subsisting in the images; and all other rights in and to the images of whatever nature whether now known or created in the future.

  • The image maker shall give Baron a limited license in perpetuity to use the images solely in connection with the Book. After the initial release of the Book, the image maker shall have the right to use the images on the image makers social media, website, archives, exhibitions, books and for any other promotional purpose. 

  • Image Maker credits. Baron will credit the image maker with all uses of the images. 

  • Promotion. All marketing and promotion for the Book, including, without limitation, any materials created in connection therewith, shall be mutually approved by Baron and the image maker.



Submission enquiries:

Application Form


Upload File

Thank You

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