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Welcome to the entry form for the BARON PRIZE. Here you will find resources relevant to your application.


Your entry should demonstrate conceptual thinking and evidence of a developing ethical and critical awareness of sex, sexuality, or identity politics.

Your submission can be existing or archival work or you may produce new work, which will be aligned with the prizes themes: sex, sexuality, and identity politics. Submissions can be in any visual medium.

Your submission will include an artist statement which will contextualize your submission and explain the meaning behind the work.


The application is open to to artists, filmmakers, and photographers working in any medium and from anywhere in the world, over the age of 18 are invited to apply



The judgment for the BARON PRIZE is decided by an industry panel that will judge your work on its merits and conceptual inquiry. Your submission for The BARON PRIZE will include the following mandatory elements:


One single work in any medium

Artist Statement

Artist Bio




RELM central to the artist’s work is the power to subvert or create context, through pencil and painting, inviting us to think beyond the naked body. Inspired by her Balkan/Bosnian background, as well as several years in Europe, Relm’s work also draws from her passion for surrealism and art history, inspired by artists such as Vigee Le Brun and Jean Honore Fragonard. Relm’s work has been exhibited internationally, at galleries from, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles to Arch Enemy Arts, New York. Her work has been written about in publications including Mutual Art to Whitewall. ‘The Great Escape’ is the artist's first book, published by BARON and out later this year.


ALICE HAWKINS is a London-based photographer and filmmaker whose work examines the societal definitions of femininity and gender. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 2001, she has contributed to Pop, i-D, and LOVE to Vogue. Hawkins has exhibited internationally with group and solo shows at Somerset House, London to UCCA, Beijing. ‘Dear Dolly’ is the photographer's second book, published in 2022 by BARON.


JOYCE LEE Lee’s art seeks to explore the subconscious. Using lucid landscapes and the body, the artist mixes high culture with trash culture, the picturesque with the disgusting, and the two activities of living, humor, and sex. Lee’s work has been published internationally and received critical praise from publications including Numero and Playboy Magazine. 'Baron by Joyce Lee' is the artist's first book, published by BARON in 2022.


CINSY TAM  has worked for BARON as assistant creative director and commissioning editor since 2020 on titles including 'Baron by Petra Collins', 'Baroness by Sarah Baker x Versace', 'Death Book by Bruce LaBruce', 'Helmut Lang', 'Ethan James Green', and 'Dear Dolly by Alice Hawkins'. 

What do I Submit?

One work: should be submitted either as a single Jpeg (maximum size 5 MB) or for moving image (Maximum 5 minutes) you will need to provide a web link for moving image on the application form.


Artist statement: should be submitted on the application form and should not exceed 250 words.

Artist bio: should be submitted on the application form and should not exceed 250 words.

Submission Requirements


Work: You must submit one single work, which means it cannot contain multiple works or a body of work. For moving image submissions, you can submit a single film up to 5 mins long maximum. For applicants working in 3-d, you can submit exhibition views of the work via either photography, scans, or a film (no longer than 5 minutes long).


Your work submitted must be conceptual and have meaning.


Artist Statement: Your artist statement must contextualize your work. Explain the meaning of your work and how it is aligned with the BARON PRIZE themes: Sex, sexuality, and gender.


Artist Bio: Your artist bio will give an overview of your practice to date and can include your lines of investigations, geographical location, exhibitions, education, and work merits.

Submission Guidelines

​-Submissions can be previously published or exhibited work.

-One work, which means a single artwork, photograph or film. Production stills of artworks are also accepted.


Submission Instructions

-A submission form must be completed BELOW.

-The submission form should include an artist statement. Maximum 250 words.

-The submission form should include an Artist Bio. Maximum 250  words.

- You can upload one low res single art work, Maximum 5 MB JPG or a web link to moving image (maximum 5 min)

-Submission fee: £20, which supports the prize and BARON'S independent publishing program.

-Deadline extension October 31 2023. Winner Announced November 2023.

Image Release For Winner

-If you are chosen as the winner, the image/film maker shall retain all rights in and to the image/film including without limitation, the copyright thereof and the following:

-All intellectual property rights subsisting in the image/film; and all other rights in and to the images/film of whatever nature whether now known or created in the future.

-The image or film maker shall give Baron a limited license in perpetuity to use the image/film solely in connection with the prize.

-Image/film maker credits: Baron will credit the image/film maker with all use.

-Promotion. All marketing and promotion for the prize, including, without limitation, any materials created in connection therewith, shall be mutually approved by Baron and the applicant.



Entry Form

Submission Enquiries


Thanks for submitting!

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